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The future of
workplace equality

Affordable and timely legal advice for navigating workplace issues

Individuals deserve the same workplace protections as corporations.


Discrimination cases reported since 2010


Employment discrimination reports that are resolved


Workers don’t report discrimination or harassment

A Case for Accountability

Current labor policies and systems of accountability favor employers by addressing their needs over those of workers. The tools we have today are inadequate in helping to navigate labor laws or in addressing the reality that workplace conflicts occur daily. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of people don’t file a complaint for fear of retaliation or uncertainty about workplace rights.

But you're not alone.

Project Lela empowers individuals with legal education and advice they need

Based on your needs, we’ll connect you with an affordable legal service provider or human resources professional who will work with your schedule and within your budget to help you navigate, resolve, and prevent workplace issues.

Workplace issues can happen quickly; our platform provides timely advice so you are equipped with the knowledge to confidently take action. But we won’t stop there.

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We arm policymakers to advocate for fairness

Project Lela plans to create a confidential data set that reflects how individuals are treated by employers today. Armed with this data, we hope to equip policymakers with the insights they need to advocate for fairer, more equitable labor laws.


How It Works

Project Lela empowers individuals with the timely advice they need to navigate, resolve, and prevent common workplace issues.

Step 1

Need help with a workplace issue or employment contract?


Step 2

Upload confidential information about your issue for free


Step 3

Connect with a legal professional on

your time


Step 4

Equip policymakers with data to advocate for workplace equality

We believe that every individual has the right to fair and equal treatment in the workplace.

Join the Movement

We’re working with four types of people to shape our beta program and the future of workplace equality. Which best represents you? 

Working Professionals

Anonymously share your story about navigating workplace conflict.

HR Staff & Lawyers

Share with us how you volunteer your pro bono services.

Law Firms & Clinics

Share ways in which we can help manage your pro bono legal talent.


Join us in advocating for workplace equality and helping those in need.

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